Enter the wonderful world of Dream Made!

Pock & palam is the greatest adventure for the little ones!


The Great Inventors

Do you know who invented the light bulb or the car?

With The Great Inventors, children can take a captivating journey through time, discovering the most important inventions that have changed the world we live in!

- Educational, Interactive and Fun

- 3 Stages with lots of animations and interactive activities

- 3 Mini Games in each stage

Multipets Hide and Seek

Join Rino and his friends in a funny and entertaining Hide and Seek game!

Through forests and mountains, deserts and oceans, join the Multipets in this great new adventure and see where they are hiding, they could be anywhere...

- 9 colourful worlds to play and 5 different characters to find!

Multipets The Four Seasons

Enter the wonderful world of Multipets and discover all the irresistible characters and their fantastic adventures! 

• An ideal game for children ages 2-6
• 12 stages with 12 mini activities to complete
• Many animated interactions in every season
• Explore, play and learn 

Multipets Puzzle

Discover the whole family of Multipets with the first fantastic puzzle of the series!
The Multipets are CUTE, FUNNY, ENJOYABLE and decorated in ways to entertain the entire family

• There are over 40 characters with which to play
• 4 levels of difficulty with ever-changing dynamics
• An ideal game for children ages 2-6

Explore, Play, Learn